Where can I even begin with how this session came to be?? This is some of my favorite work ever. I Think I should begin with where the inspiration came from, and then you'll understand why I jumped at the chance to make my own magic with Natalie & Henry. 
Some time ago, at least a year or so ago, I was on Pinterest and I came across a video by The Quirky Photographer (Please watch it, as it has forever been one of my favorite videos regarding couples photography!). From then on, I knew that I wanted to pull inspiration from this video and the images, and make my own magic. I did NOT want to copy Quirky's work, let me be clear, but just pull inspiration from the way she filmed the couple, the interactions between the couple themselves, etc. I knew IMMEDIATELY when planning this session who I wanted to work with, and it was Natalie of course. Her and I spoke about this session for months, and when she was finally ready to shoot, we did. Now, I'm no videographer, and I do not plan on becoming one (that's hard  work right there! Props to all you videographers!), but I definitely wanted to try my hand at it. I'm insanely proud of how everything turned out. I had the best models I could have asked for, who already had an amazing connection (7 years together now!). We made magic, y'all. Pure, intimate magic. I hope you guys feel the same way as you watch this video and look through the images (I had to post basically all of them because they're AMAZING.) Please enjoy, friends, and feel free to share as well. 
Thank you Natalie & Henry for helping me make this shoot a reality. You both are sweet souls, and your relationship is the definition of love.

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