Hi there! I'm Melanie! Owner and photographer of
Melanie Baldi Photography !

I'm 30. Proud Latina, born in Costa Rica! PURA VIDA!
I've been together with my soul mate for almost 9 years.
We have 3 beautiful, energetic children together.
We Live on a beautiful farm with chickens and bees.
We live in a small town, but I travel all over DFW for my sessions!


As a mother, an art-lover, and a photographer, I understand how important it is to want to document your special moments.

Let me be your storyteller.

One thing I've never regretted was the amount of pictures I now take of my family. Being the youngest of 4, there was less time and money for film and disposable cameras during my childhood. My parents weren't able to take very many pictures of me, so the few pictures I have, I cherish. This is one of the reasons why I love photography so much. I want to make sure I capture memories for others to have forever. Because pictures are special. They tell stories, they remember details. They bring up feelings and emotions. They're always there to remind of us of what we have, what we have lost, and what’s most important to us.

This is my passion.

I want to capture what's real. I want to capture those silly moments during your session. I want to capture the awkward smiles that slowly turn into the big belly laughs. I want to capture moms loving their babies. I want to capture dads sneaking loving looks over at their beautiful partners. I want to capture the fire coming from a couple so in love. I want to capture kiddos being free, being themselves. I want to capture people from all over the world regardless of gender or race or sexual preference. I want to capture your most important days as well as the "not so important" ones, cause in reality, they're all important. I want to capture life happening right before my eyes, so when you receive your images, you can FEEL that day just by looking them. You can remember every laugh, every smile, every hug, every memory made.
So that's what we're going to do. We're going to make keep making magic, and we're going to continue keepin' it real. Because those are the memories we want to remember forever.


So please, feel free to ask me any questions, message me any concerns, email me any ideas you may have. And don't forget to book all of your sessions with me, because I know we’ll have a great time together!
​I know photography can seem like a big expense, but I promise, you will never regret having these memories at your fingertips! Thank you for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my work!
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