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Thanks for stopping by! I hope you've had a magical time so far, and that my art has resonated with you!
If you're ready to book, have a question or concern, or just want to say hi, please send me a little note below! I will answer within two to four business days and we'll continue chatting through email.
 I'm already daydreaming about our session together!
Yay! You've sent me a message and I can't wait to read it! Please wait for a response. Thanks again!
What types of photography do you do?
I primarily shoot families, children, and couples! However, I am extremely versatile and shoot many other types of sessions and events as well! Past sessions include (many) maternity sessions, lifestyle sessions, weddings, births, special events, and more. Contact me above for your session today!
2. Why should I hire a professional photographer?
Whether you booking me, or another photographer, hiring a professional will always be my number one recommendation. An experienced, professional photographer will be able to capture your session in a way others with little to no experience cannot. It'll be a load off your shoulders having a photographer capture your session/event, and you can rest easy knowing it will have been photographed exceptionally!
3. Are retainers refundable? Why?
Retainers are not refundable for a couple of reasons. Retainers are applied toward your TOTAL session fee. They hold the desired date for your session. They also apply to my time in preparing for your session!
Need to reschedule? I understand, life happens! If your session has to be rescheduled, please try to give me at least 48 hours notice. If you or a family member fall ill (before or) the day of your session, please let me know and we will find a new date that works for both of us. You and your loved ones' health is very important to me. Mine and my family's health is as well. Your retainer will carry over toward a future session for up to 6 months. Unless previously discussed, a new retainer will be required for sessions rescheduled more than 6 months out.
Cancellations work differently. If you are a no-call-no-show on the day of your session, your retainer is automatically forfeited. By the time our session comes along, work and time have been put into preparing for it. I only book one session per day and a cancellation results in a large loss of income and time.
4. When will I receive my completed session? What is a proofing gallery?
Depending on the type of session, your proofing gallery will be delivered in 2-3 weeks. These are the times for my normal sessions. Larger events/weddings will have a different delivery timeline, usually running from 4-8 weeks. The proofing gallery is the first gallery you will receive with watermarked images where you can choose your favorites to be delivered in the final gallery.
5. Do I get the copyright/ownership of my photos? Do you provide the RAW files?
I own ALL copyrights/ownership of all my images. As a client, you will receive a print release with every session that provides permission to print your images unlimited times. I do not ever provide RAW files or unedited photos either.
6. Do you "pose" your clients?
While I do some posing, my main style of capturing is a natural feel. I may pose a few images, but what I'm truly looking for, is those sweet, candid moments in between.
7. What do you mean by “touching up” the photos?
I do edit blemishes, acne, and minor stray hairs from your images. I do not, however, heavily edit the images. I strive to capture you as you are now, and that is an essential part of my work. I do not do any sort of body shape changes nor face swaps, etc.
8. What if I lose my images?
I keep your images backed up for 6 months to 1 year (depending on the session).  I can re-upload your images for a $50 fee. Re-uploading galleries take space and time to do.
9. How do I reserve you for my date?
Date(s) are fully reserved once I receive your signed contract and retainer.

More FAQs to come soon!

*This is a new section, as such, it will be continuously updated with changing policy. If you have any questions, please send me a message using the form above, or to my email: Thanks!

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