You guyssss, It's 2020! Happy New Year!!
Obviously this session is from last year, and I feel like I will forever be behind in posting new galleries, but whatever, right?? As long as I get it done, that's what's important­čśé. I just couldn't go any longer without sharing this incredibly creative session with this adorable duo!! We've shot again since this session, but I just HAVE to share this awesomeness.
Jacob and I met at a styled session earlier last year, and we kept in touch. He came out to help me with a styled shoot I planned, and filmed a beautiful video for me that day (Watch it here!!). In return, we planned our own session, and this is what Jacob came up with. It was literally perfect in every way. From the outfits (Denim Foreverrr), to the location (Because who new a loading dock would make SUCH a GREAT background!!?), we ROCKED it. Still one of my favorites from 2019. Can't wait to see what else we create in 2020!! Also, these cuties got engaged in 2019, so a HUGE congratulations to them!!

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