To start off real quick, for those of you that don't know what a styled session is, it's a session that is planned in advanced and can include many vendors, all coming together to create a specific vision. The session can be a wedding or just a regular session (engagement, family, etc.). Now this was the second styled session I've ever shot and it was amazing! It was 2 combined weddings: a fall themed wedding and a Halloween themed wedding. Now in a wedding, you have both a bride and a groom. You may have a cake, tableware, centerpieces, and whatever else you choose to include. There is no ceremony obviously. Instead, the photographers are there to photograph everything, get a little extra practice, as well as share all the awesome items the planner(s)/vendors have set up! After all the images have been edited and delivered, everyone now has new content to share on social media and online! It's a great way for everyone to get together and enjoy a fun day of shooting! I love shooting these types of sessions and enjoy meeting so many new people and businesses I would not usually know! I hope you enjoy looking through these images! I had a lot of fun and got a little creative with some of the images! (Vendor list is included below.)

Jasmine W. Carter - Planner, Decor, Stationary
Pastry Works - Skull Cake
Kara's Bake Shop - Fall Cake
Rose Rebellion - Florist, Table Settings, Decor
Bubbles & Bowties - Decor
AM Linens - Linens
Terry Costa - Pumpkin Spice Dresses
Blanca Veils - Veils
Antonio and Frankie - Jewelry
Viktoria Kotlyarova - Fall Bride
Caitlin Alexandra Smith - Halloween Bride
Adam Davis - Groom
Rachael Lynne - Bridesmaid
Anyutka Kovalski - Bridesmaid
Jazmyn Ray-Maynard - HMUA
Tribute at The Colony - Venue

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